Zero To $1.5 Million On Shopify In 12 Months

Zero To $1.5 Million On Shopify In 12 Months

- in Shopify Dropshipping

Learn how to start a drop shipping business with shopify in this video
This is my story on how I create a dropshipping store in 2017 but can definitely still work for beginners who want to drop ship in 2018

One of the biggest things that motivated me was hearing other peoples dropshipping success story.. so here is mine.


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  2. Fuck yeah bro. Pumped

  3. superlovlyhousewives

    Awesome quick info and inspiring

  4. if i become successful in setting up and start even one sale i'm going to subscribe to you hahaha

  5. best motivational speaker ever

  6. Just want to say two things. 1. You are amazing. 2. Thank you.

  7. Ahmed Daraghmah

    You are so energetic, I got highly inspired by this video. absolutely amazing.

  8. God bless you and your family for making such incredible things possible. But there's something to be said, for those people, who live in Germany, like me.
    The law in the United States, Thailand or what so ever, is totally different to the law in Germany, if you talk about online business, online marketing and dropshipping.

    Dropshipping allows you to advertise for a product for example 10$, which you buy for 2$, and send it to your "customer". It all sounds so easy, but if you look closer to it, it isn't.
    To do such things like dropshipping on Ebay or even on Shopify, in Germany, you need a license. And that is the reason because you "resell" products, which you actually buy for a cheaper price. The law is pretty fucked up and unfair, if you want to enter online business here.
    Of course there's the possibility to dropship or play the "middleman" but it has all to be written on paper, the taxes, procedure and so on. Every little thing has to be documentated.
    I'm sorry that i have to say, that it isn't that easy to "just copy and the same information you found on Aliexpress and paste it on Ebay or Amazon", as you explain in many of your videos.
    If you do this, the law sees it as "money laundry". The Terms of Service, which you can read on Shopify, aren't compatible with the buying and selling law. So this is the "brake" of becoming an independent seller in Germany.
    Of course you can set up your Shopify account legally, if you pay 200$, so a lawyer can make it up for you. It's a lot of work.

    If you don't want to have trouble with the law (FOR THOSE PEOPLE IN GERMANY), consult people that have experience with the German law.


  9. Mike, can I ask you something?

  10. Ivan Lee Espinosa

    Hi Mike! great informative video! greetings from Manila. =)

  11. You just bought me with this. Thanks

  12. Very nice Mike!

  13. I made $5000 in a year. Its not much sure..but that's 5000bucks from doing basically nothing. I hope to make more 2 years from now but with school..Itsso slow .

  14. great video with an awesome blueprint. Tried drop shipping before but didn't stick with it. Now, off to find a product to get those 20 sales a day! Thanks!

  15. I swear people will make a 2 hour long video and never explain what you just did in less then 17 min

  16. Jennifer Cichocki

    Great video! Much needed knowledge. That 1 NICHE!

  17. Dude, your videos are THE bomb. Thank you for sooo much value and your energy is so motivating! Continued blessings to you and yours! ^_^

  18. Spirit Beyond Borders

    Great video. Good info.

  19. Great information! I really would like to get into the ecommerce business. The biggest reason is because I would like to pay off my student loan debt. I work Full-time 4 days a week and also extra hours on a 1099. I work as an occupational therapist. Therefore, I can make enough money to fund the start up. My question is, do you think I can start this by myself?

  20. Good job dude! I’m inspired to do e-commerce because of this.

  21. Great job, but remember, most important thing! You Have to know if your business model works in EVERY MARKET CONDITION. Discretionary spending is your industry yes, in a market downturn what industry gets creamed first?

  22. Great video

  23. Yo, how do you handle sales tax?

  24. LaToya Stephens

    Ok I'm so loving your channel new Subscriber very inspiring. It's too much money out here for people to be broke. You inspired me & it was straight to the point. Love it thank you so much. I'm gonna do this 👌🏾👌🏾

  25. Ariel Argandona

    You’re a genius

  26. Thank you for sharing

  27. I like the videos and your cool thx for the tips

  28. Dang man, blessed

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  30. Great content, thanks!

  31. Thanks for sharing, and yes you do have a great voice!

  32. Going through some hard times right now, need some extra money, ive seen sooooo many videos but yours are the only ones that seem legit, and you actually explain how to do things.
    Thank you!! Definitely Subscribed!

  33. Okay. Let me get back to you. Thanks for the advise.

  34. Dude thank you

  35. Ready to change my life! I have them notes and starting my store now! Thank u so much!!!

  36. My search is over.

  37. This is my favorite video🤷🏻‍♀️

  38. this is so inspiring!

  39. I literally started my website 3 months ago after watching this video (IG: @2muchegos) .
    Its not easy but it'll pay off! Thank you!!!

  40. 1.5 mil… that net or gross?

  41. mike, i need help! (beginner) I just started drop shipping from Ali Express, and encounter my first obstacle, i was asked to upload a picture of my credit card, id, and bank statement for security reasons. I haven't because I'm afraid to share that online, but i also have pending orders on eBay. I would like to know if you've encounter this in any of your drop shipping or with Ali Express in particular. How save is this? please help.

  42. This is so valuable!!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to implement this!

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