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Becker breaks down how Shopify dropshipping in its current form is going to die in the next 2 years and evolve into a beautiful super profitable butterfly of smart business. He then explains how to cash in on this early by recognizing former trends in internet marketing


  1. Alex Becker's Channel

    Fuck you and your headphones.

  2. Are you Stiffler's son?

  3. Hilarious!

  4. How would you apply this to business that can't be advertised via fb ads? (ie vaping, knifes etc)

  5. This was gold!

  6. lmao you clickbait mufuh. you have my attention.

  7. I stopped watching the video immediately after Alex started screaming. This is not funny, it's utterly annoying. I was at work and I shouldn't be watching videos, and I was trying to listen in the lowest volume possible, and then the screams filled the room, and I was so embarrassed and pissed off at the same time. If I was at home, someone could have woken up, etc etc. I will not watch any other video from this guy called Alex regardless of the actual content, because I don't want the shouting which shows disrespect to the audience (also, some comments of his that say things like "fuck you, I don't give a shit, etc"). Who needs arrogant assholes as advisors? Not me.

  8. Haha. I fucking love this guy.

  9. Calvin Jansen Van Vuuren

    too much irrelevant talking about crap…

  10. So much good info in here. You just have to get passed his Tourettes.

  11. Not gonna lie, I subscribed when you called me a "degenerate piece of shit." Keep up the good work, bro.

  12. I have no idea what's going but I'm gonna keep researching this dog shit until I get it
    thanks Becker

  13. your girlfriend is a goddamned sea jew!

  14. Eddy Manuel Rodriguez Tejeda

    Just got started on this E-commerce world, yet i´m very interested in abusing all of this cheap resources, if anyone would like to share knowledge, on how to build a back end money making structure, it would be appreciated!

  15. As always Great Info! Thanks

  16. Seriously jumped up in fear while driving

  17. @Alex Becker.
    I watched your video all the way through, and I do not agree with the last part. You're forgetting "Caveman Proof" and "Barrier To Entry". You simply do not have enough authority in your brand to off-the-jump ask for an email and you will see a MASSIVE drop-off rate.
    I suggest you ask for the email when they add to cart because they are a warm lead at that point. Asking cold leads for emails simply will not happen. You can try it, but ….gods speed

  18. I live in portland oregon, where the fuck do I find a business mentor?

  19. You hilarious Alex! But you still tell the truth

  20. Dynamite Video. I'm building my store and recently bought market hero. You opened my eyes quite a bit and helped me redirect my aim and approach. I appreciate it! U frickin' crack me up too…love the edutainment and directness! Keeps me tuned in!

  21. This video will have over 1 MM views! The content in this is worth Multi-Millions… Have you tried barter? What about offering the individuals who have a substantial email list an SMS Text Message service as trade? glumobilemedia.co

  22. Honestly no idea how retargeting works on FB and YT etc. I understand on your own website, because of cookies and that, but how so on Facebook?

  23. Gold…good stuff bro. ?

  24. Andrew The Mentor

    lol I like u Man U keep it real and the f*** s*** makes it even funnier we need laughs here n there

  25. Flo-Motion Lifestyle

    Hey Alex Becker viewers! In which video does Alex point out how useless a blog is because nobody reads blogs? Our cousin just started a blog and we want to send it to her lol.
    Big thanks from Flo-Motion!

  26. Hey Becker, call me

  27. Fuck you alex

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