Top 6 Shopify Apps For Increasing Conversions

Top 6 Shopify Apps For Increasing Conversions

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Check out the top 6 apps and links to them below



  1. Joel Santiago Valentin

    Very GOOD VIDEO!

  2. Janire Civitarese

    this is awesome and totally helpful. it helped me A LOT. I was wondering about the app how tells you someone bought this product in nyc 2 min ago. Are those real customers? or the app makes it up? thanks a lot!


  4. In klaviyo app, how do you get to know your buyers and the people who abandoned their carts?

  5. Very insightful video. Thank you Teo! Do you have any recommendations for apps geared towards t-shirt stores? Thanks buddy.

  6. Thanks so much for this video…really helpful.

  7. Very knowledgeable video. Thanks for guidance. Please let me know the best SEO app for Shopify ?

  8. Thanks Teo, I appreciate it. ??

  9. What do you prefer to use for fulfillment etc… Oblero ?

  10. Great video Teo! You mention the importance of retargeting apps like Klaviyo with e-mail marketing campaigns and I am curious on what your thought are on website push notifications? I don't see much about it online and I think it is a very effective way to retarget audiences. The application I use is Aimtell I would recommend checking it out! Do you think it could be more effective than e-mail marketing campaigns, or a good compliment? Anyways, keep up the good work!

  11. clear and concise thanks!

  12. Thanks Teo, I have found your videos really helpful… Do you do any consulting?

  13. Very clear & extremely informative. U make it "doable"… thx … Peace

  14. what app on shopyfi can copy byer information

  15. great man. thanks.
    my english is bad

  16. Thanks! that was helpful.

  17. Great stuff man, thanks. Retargeting app is getting me amazing results as well, so well that sometimes i question its numbers! Also, please advise how to use customer reviews app. Do you send them emails after they receive their orders? I have the app, i just dont know how to use it!

  18. Hello,
    Do you have the Yo app active on Mobile too? Some people says it works good for desktop, but can hurt mobile conversions sometimes.

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