Top 3 Tips For Ecom Success 2017! | Ecom Insiders

Top 3 Tips For Ecom Success 2017! | Ecom Insiders

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These are my Top 3 tips for people struggling with Ecom. A lot of people get bogged down on the details and it holds them back. Get the basics down first. Then you can go ahead and tackle the challenges!

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  1. good man, testing now

  2. Robin Raidon Pettersson

    The problem i have is that if you launch 3 products every 3 days, how would you find the correct target for each of them all, i mean, gotta test 1 product over multiple audiences, or you just try one product on one audience?

  3. Great value!! Thanks so much for your help. I would definitely check out your 30 days of videos for tips and golden nuggets to apply in my store. It would be a great way to keep myself accountable and stay focused. Looking forward to it!

  4. Narkisho Nyonje

    A good beginning point for me

  5. Love your videos i got so motivated and excited cant wait to start testing

  6. if I THINK this one product is lame, but in my niche should i still test it? cool vidz.

  7. hi, do you think a start up should use Oberlo app?

  8. I like the no bs approach. Thank you for your time.

  9. How many products would be ideal to start with in your store?

  10. A 30 days challenge would be really cool. Watching your videos will be my 30 days challenge, looking forward for this.

  11. Hey thanks James what are the water marks? still new to this three weeks in.

  12. haha bobblehead

    Thanks James! Do you sell into the UK or US?

  13. Thank you! helpful tips

  14. Also, my store just got shut down and I'm redoing it and using oberlo instead of everything manually. Question on overload does it automatically ship everything and send the info from the moment it's purchased

  15. What would you say the most essential apps that are Needed on every store

  16. Thanks a lot.

  17. BitterTongues84

    Great information as always! I'm slowly setting myself for the time to start testing products and your videos have continued to be encouraging and helpful. Thanks James!

  18. 30 day challenge FTW! Awesome video James!

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