Shopify Training Secret Formula $5000 day, week, months easy in 2017

Shopify Training Secret Formula $5000 day, week, months easy in 2017

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What is Shopify?
Shopify is a platform very similar to ebay that allows you to create your own online store and sell different items of your choice. You have total control of what you sell on there and total control of the prices you charge for your items without the hustle of paying overcharged fees on each sale you make….

Who can use Shopify?
Anyone who’s looking to make an extra $100-$5000 a day online using e-commerce. In this business model you don’t have to recruit because your customers are already buying stuff online, you just getting them to buy from you instead of other places.

What to remember with a E-com store?
The real deal with making money online with E-commerce you must remember that you are making money off profit so you will need money to advertise on different platforms such as facebook, google and bing. Although you can chose not to have an overhead, but remember you will be counting profits.

How many stores can you have with Shopify?
You can have as many stores as you want
You can create a niche specific store
or have a store where you sell everything like Wall-Mart

Shopify Training:
You must go through a training so that you can get really good at your e-commerce Game.
I have failed a lot in the begining with it but after I learned many different Tricks of the game we have been making a killing on automation…

If You want me to help you
Go to the LINK Above to join my personal Coaching GROUP

Shopify Training Video SKIPS:
0:02 Ecommerce Training Introduction
1:10 Results from Facebook ADS
2:12 Shopify Live Account Payment Sent
3:00 Shopify Training Live Shopify Transaction
4:00 LINK to my coaching
4:22 Shopify Store research
6:23 Shopify Store example
7:00 Ebay With Shopify
8:00 Shopify Iphone Store
9:00 Shopify Training Tip
11:30 Shopify coaching training



  2. How can I access your webinars?

  3. what am i doing wrong

  4. • Have you checked this Free drop-shipping App? It's Good. Https://

  5. Great info! Thanks!

  6. hey whats up nice video i just started my shopify store about a month ago and things are going horrible haven't had one sale not even from family members or friends .i advertise on Facebook and instagram but the most traffic i get is about 72 visitors a day. is there any info you can help me out with my link to my store is my personal email is
    again nice video i just subscribed to your videos hope you are still available.

  7. Amazing video! I just saw this now and in fact, I'm also selling iPhone cases! I would like to ask tho as to how I can sell products without using my pocket money. Is there a way to best do this as it shows in my paypal but not on my bank account. I dont know how to purchase products without actually having the money from the customer itself. Would really appreciate your help! Thank you so much!

  8. Do you have to ship your product yourself or do you have someone else ship it?

  9. Hey man, hope you hit 1k a day !

  10. I am setting up my store online, watched some of your videos and thank you for sharing. Can you help me set up, if you can please email:

  11. Advice to All, before start dropshipping from Aliexpress or other China markets, use (Aliexpress – 6.5℅ from every purchase).
    It is a very nice cashback service, with high cashbacks and many stores.
    So it's can be a good plus to your profit from dropshipping

  12. For starting drop shipping with Shopify, do I have an legal Business name?… or I can start with any new business name?.. This is my first stage into business as an entrepreneur… help me out…

  13. is true i need more money to do that

  14. CEO Invested Effort

    Hey Ecommerce owners! What are you guys doing about your email marketing for your customers?

  15. can I do this from New Zealand?

  16. hi, how much do you charge for personal coaching?

  17. would a natural male enhancement formula be a good produt to do with shopify? and if yes! what would be a good approach to getting a good targeted audience.

  18. Question, can I have multiple stores under one account? What is the best way to incorporate multiple stores on Shopify? For further questions and discussion, can I pm you? I have questions that I need answers to and I believe you can help. Thanks!

  19. This too is a great video. I like your genuineness and passion for helping and showing people your success and how we can get there. I will be following your videos for sure.

  20. williams hernandez

    Hello, i would like to ask you for a big favor keder, i'm from Venezuela, we are a group o 4 friends that are trying to open a shopify stores, as you may know, my country have really bad economic isues plus politic isues plus exchange control mechanism that make physicall dollar here illegal , so is not that easy to start. if you read this answer me please. thanks a lot.

  21. I love what he has to say however I'm not sure if I'm bootstrapping and have minimal money I can afford your coaching. I do have 40.00 a day to pay for advertising and I have money for product but I don't have money for 4k course. what would u suggest for someone like me?

  22. you are truly inspirational man keep it up….my sis is off to China next month and I asked her to get me some shoes for woman to sell…I can't wait to start…this super handy bro…big up..

  23. Thank you for the inspiration, i was a feeling a bit discouraged and this video gave me the encouragment to go on

  24. Thank you, from all my heart your inspiring!!

  25. cheers Keder… I've learned a lot from you. Keep the good work going.

  26. Hi Keder,
    Hope all is well. Thanks for this video man. I really appreaciate it. Its guys like you that it making my process in this business a little bit easier. THANK YOU. Look forward to meeting you soon.

  27. Thank you.

  28. Great video! How much is your coaching/mentoring?

  29. when i build a shopify store should it be niche specific or can i sell any products?

  30. 2:23 when he realized 23k was actually 223k

  31. Like all online marketers these days, he will give an info he got from another video and try to sell you on a course/training.

  32. Nice stuff

  33. Does anyone know how he has a direct deposit from shopify straight to his bank account ? I need to set mine up like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  34. so u are saying u find the product are u buying them wholesale. or do u just dropship with your upcharge? in the video with the iphone cases if the person ordered them u sending them to there site or do u take the images

  35. Uthayakumar Rasiah

    Make money with Clickbank affiliate program. big commission.

  36. good info

  37. Gee you are really great in explaining how to setup shopify products. I really like your style you keep it simple. I just got a shopify account but haven't set it up yet. I am still watching videos so I set it up right. Thanks for all your sharing. God Bless You.

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