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  1. Retargetingads retargetingads

  2. SKYPE ?

  3. The video you made and providing the tips on, is over a year ago…so much has changed since in this side of the world…why would you not make a video of what some of the trends you see now and advise you would give now than something a year old on what you did different…because obviously i am sure and others here that you're not following those trends anymore?

  4. Hi.. I'm just setting up a dropshipping store now.. I'm Irish but want to aim my store to america because of the shipping time and bigger wider audience… is this what you do too?

  5. Love the videos Rory. Much more detail than the other guys dropshipping on shopify. Keep it up!

  6. Say instagram again

  7. I literally started loving his way of talking.

  8. If I'm not doing a niche based store and if I'm doing a general store do I skip phase one of the PPE ad and change to phase 2 doing a content ad?

  9. How do you find the influencers rory?

  10. Hey Rory, just wanted to say thanks for putting so much value in your videos. Unfortunately, most of the peons that are leaving insults or corrections, are to small minded to comprehend the value you have provided. As someone who has spent thousands of dollars on courses by "gurus", have to say that you have provided more value. So thank you bro. Don't even respond to the low IQ inbreds with negative things to say. I think I speak for the real marketers when I say, thank you thank you thank you. Your content is literally the best out there. Keep killing it. Hey man, is their any chance you could send me the fb ad steps you made when making the conversion pyramid. Also, how much for coaching/skype calls? Thanks again. You bring the information with clarity, precision, brevity, in a easy to understand way. Thanks again !

  11. You know guys, here is the problem – this information comes to us a year later . Gurus will not show you what works right now … they used the method before, and when it stopped working so well – >they sell it to you … so , I knew this thing March, he knew it at least 6 months earlier … you see what I mean

  12. The Big CON here is not about you MAKING MONEY..BUT OTHERS MAKING IT ON YOU. The influencers, the guy who put this video out, FB, they are the ones making real money. You will spend like crazy and find out that this shopify thing is a SCAM. Too many people dropshipping the same stuff…and BESIDES WHO IS NOT ON THE NET AND DOES NOT KNOW AMAZON OR EBAY…Why would they buy from an unknown site. 10 k in 48 hrs…… WHAT A JOKE …this is the NEW 419 SCAM.   YOU ARE THE MARK

  13. alright. …another great video from you. So in terms of product selection? How did you decide on a globe bracelet as a gold product? Cause in my opinion, I would have never looked into this as I would think, travellers, do not have much time to sit down and do shopping online that often? And a bracelet is not a necessity so there would be less audience than for example, shock proof phone cases? So what was your decision process on this particular product? Did I miss or overlook something important here? And also how much would you normally charge for shipping for such small item?

  14. Ray Alexander Peters

    good content 🙂 you sound like conor Mc gregor! Thanks man

  15. Objective Opinions

    Thanks, Rory. Amazing info. Do you have specific guidelines about which influencer to select other than having "more than 2% engagement" – and how do you determine that? Also, do you have a goal for total influencer reach per campaign?

  16. Wish you the best bro! You are really doing a wonderful job!!! Regards from Tarik/ Sweden 🙂

  17. do you pay for inventory from the aliexpress or does it come from the order?

  18. Siiiiick video. Changed my life

  19. Hey Rory, thanks for being so generous with your knowledge. I really enjoyed this video. I wonder.. what were your expenses for making this 10K? How much did you spend on advertising etc.?

  20. Do you do this by having lots of niche stores or the one general store?

  21. Mohammed Amine Ouriaghli

    how u find those products ? based on what ?

  22. How did you know who re-target to? How did you know who to send the FB retargeting ad to?

  23. Investor Improvement

    I'm assuming your larger, scaled stores have credit cards linked

  24. So when you run ads through IG influencers then the retargeting ad should be on the IG platform and not fb news feed or something?

  25. surujdaye ramoutar

    Great video, can you make a video on how to this ad on the Influencer page…..

  26. Josephine Davidson

    Thanks again Rory for another great video.what I would like to know Rory is how many products do you recommend to put on a Shopify site..Thanks Rory

  27. Cool stuff, I subscribed and liked! Shopify is holding 25% for 90 days for chargebacks! I'm selling worldwide! What to do is this situation? Can you advice please ?

  28. hi Rory, can you suggest a best shopify theme that resembles instagram and gave you best conversions for influencer campaigns? appreciate it!

  29. With this much you are making, have you filed for an LLC for your shopify stores?

  30. Did you test the golden product under the same webstore and webpage or you change the domain and niche too?

  31. I got 1.2k view in a day on my store but no sales
    What am I doing wrong ?
    What niche are you in ?

  32. this is free shipping method =/

  33. How much did u invested to make ¨$10K

  34. facebook ads or instagram influencers ?which is better for starters ?

  35. Universal Android Developer Madridi

    Really really you are the best Rory I like yours videos thank you 😘

  36. question… if i make a sale on shopify, i will not receive payment for 2-3 days, so do i have to pay out of pocket for buying the item and shipping it to them?

  37. Is asking instagram pages for a promo get better results than Facebook ads with the instagram box checked??

  38. I've been trying to find instagram influencers and some of the pages I'm going after have like 300-400k followers and are asking for 300-400 dollars for 12 hours…..I think that's a bit much that's something people with millions of followers should charge. I don't understand

  39. stephanie neufville

    literally dance every time your intro beat drops lol

  40. Hey Rory, thanks your videos are awesome please i have one question, i tried to add a credit card for my shopify store and i couldn't tried with stripe and other 3rd parties and no clue how am i going to do it! The thing that i don't live in United States I'm from Asia and the country that i live in right now doesn't allow “foreigners'' to create companies which leads to the issue of creating a business account to accept online payments so basically I'm stuck i can't accept online payments i only activated my PayPal account and i don't think that PayPal only will cover everything… Do you have any idea or solution to bypass this?

  41. what website did you use to make $10K IN 48 HOURS WITH?

  42. Great video! Rory. Thanks for these amazing strategies.
    Just few questions.
    1.- Do you run any paid Instagram Campaigns as well?
    2.- how do you suggest running a campaign in order to generate good converting sales?
    3.- Do you think posting the picture ad on Fbk store page with a link to Instagram is a good idea? (Maybe it's gonna take few clicks to get people to the store but you can avoid Fbk ads expenses I think) if Fbk does not avoid that

  43. Great job my dude, you're really smart..

  44. Great videos dude!! Nice to see Ireland well repped!!! Theres something i dont see mentioned by tutors for shopify ecommerce. Hypothetically out of that 10k how much profit would you expect?

  45. Kavindu Dilshan Abeysinghe

    hey Rory,i watched most of your videos and i am so impressed mate,how much did you spend to get the 1st sale?big help!

  46. hi when i ask a page to run an ad , do they put in on their page and how is it done with a link to the product?

  47. Hi Rory really need your help I run an ads didn't have any sales
    can I have your skype or email? Almost Broke

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