Shopify Training – Avoid These 4 Things Or You Will Fail

Shopify Training – Avoid These 4 Things Or You Will Fail

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In this Shopify Training, I cover the 4 biggest mental roadblocks that cause many store owners to fail in growing their Shopify business.

While this is not a complete shopify training course, it is a must watch video. As the 4 mindsets mentioned in the video will absolutely ruin any chances you have at succeeding in your business.

Be sure to also go watch the other shopify training videos through out the channel if you have not already.

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  1. hi i wana open a shopify dropship store, i dont want my customers should see my home address, is there anyway they will be able to see it by the invoice from shopify or the invoice from paypal? do i need to set up a virtual business address?

  2. I'm 14, got 350 dollars from birthday money. I want to help my parents out, but I don't want to do something that will just fail. Should I wait to turn 18 and get enough money to start this? Please someone help me through this. I've been watching these videos for a month now and I keep going back and forth

  3. "Go get some money dude" if only it was that easy. No one wants to give you a job if you're sick and disabled here. 🙁

  4. Just get out there..Throw crap at the wall HAHA Love it mate keep it going Lets see what sticks!


    Lmbo Don't be cheap awesome video

  6. Shannon Llewellyn

    Great advice about the mentality you need to embrace if you want to be successful! Being an online entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart nor those who need instant gratification. I am researching right now so I can mindfully make the best decisions for my future shop! Thanks again!

  7. thanks for this! This is true for any business!

  8. Just started working on my Shopify store today. Trying to avoid the pitfalls! I want to see this work. Willing to figure out the ins and outs to see it happen. Best wishes to everyone else doing this as well! May we all get to the place we want to reach.

  9. The brutal reality of this is why it is such a great video.

  10. Great lesson on common sense haha. Some people just don't get it..

  11. thanks bro for giving us tips


    thanks . you are awesome

  13. No one ever saved their way to a profitable business.. Lol. Great video man.

  14. Profitable Opportunities

    LOL,, Thank you for the kick in the butt. My wife says,, "Yeah, pull the trigger." We'll keep watching. Until next time.. Take Action.

  15. thank you for being one of the only people that say this shit. i can't stand other channels portrayal of how easy it is to setup a successful ecom business. its hard as hell and you have to spend money and test over and over again until you find a homerun.

  16. wow it's really helpful….

  17. Nice video dude!


  19. thank you so much

  20. This is great bro.Thank helped me.God bless you

  21. I think losing the "Dude" word will help others take you more seriously. Teenagers talk that way, not intelligent business people like yourself. Awesome advice

  22. great vid. But gotta' say, not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have a great looking site, truly interesting and attractive t-shirt designs, a great domain name, have tailored all of my product seo's, ran a few ads on FB..some $5 to see where my target range was.. then took that info and did $30 and $40 ads, post consistently on Pinterest.. and have not had a single sale in 3 months. Yet get compliments from strangers on my shirts when wearing out and about town. They are $25 with well designed and placed graphics. But I'll keep going..

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