Shopify Themes My top 3 Free Themes recommendation.

Shopify Themes My top 3 Free Themes recommendation.

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In this video Garett Smith shows his top 3 free Shopify Themes that convert well. To learn more please visit


  1. Hi Garret, great video and advice. I will be selling female clothing and jewelry in my Shopify store. Do you think the Supply theme will be good and fast response? I know how to use Canva but need some help with the home page images. Any advice? Thanks.

  2. i cant fit a image in the Slide Show of Brookly.. :l

  3. whos willing to email me a copy of of the Shopify Fastor THeme

  4. How do I get a photo that fits well in my Mobile Store view and it also fits well in my Desktop Version?

  5. Is Shopify a completely free website? Or is there a startup fee? I've been trying to get my Tshirt business up and running to no avail…. I've sank so much money into GoDaddy, and cant even use it!

  6. Great Job on the video.

  7. it is strange I am working on my partner shopify account and I have chosen Brookland theme but unfortunately it did not came out of the box as yours or as advertised any suggestions?

  8. What is a good theme for a personal Development business, 1 on 1 coaching, book sales, seminars, etc…

  9. Where do find your photo s and what tool do ya use to re size them with?.Thanks man

  10. If you have a question leave it in the comments and I will do my best to answer them. Thanks for watching. Don't forget to subscribe.

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