Shopify Review & Training with Chris Record – Create a Shopify Store

Shopify Review & Training with Chris Record – Create a Shopify Store

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Shopify Training & Training with Chris Record – Create a Shopify Store.

Chris Record shows you exactly how many entrepreneurs are creating income online, working from home, by selling products online through Shopify. – Learn step-by-step how to create a Shopify Store.

E-Commerce is a trillion dollar business. Whether it is online or offline, people mostly buy retail – the stores are all packed with customers. E-Commerce is expected to double and possibly triple in the next 3 years! It is best to take advantage of it NOW!


  1. Lupusk9 Entertainment

    13:12 is it illegal to sell "grumpy cat" socks ? he's like probably trademarked now.

  2. Hello. My name is William DeBilzan, I am a fine artist with 2 galleries in Laguna Beach and Delray beach Fl. I have over 9,000 images to use on products and prints. I find most online sales through shopify etc are looking for a unique product to sell. I am looking for a online professional that wants to partner with me. If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested Please let me know. The more I look into this the more I realize I need a professional. Thank you, William DeBilzan.

  3. Jean-Yves Bernard

    I've a little question when the client receive the package does he/she see the price it really cost ? Or should I tell my suppliers to not mention the real cost price?

  4. this video is glitchy af

  5. Hi, I need more step bt step on how to set up my store.

    you keep saying it.s easy, but it is only when you know what you are doing,

    My 14 days trial is finished and I have not even set up my shop yet.

    This is really frustrating please help!

  6. xtremeonlinemedia

    ralph contact me

  7. Epacket is only good if parcel is being shipped to States, what if someone wants to buy it from a country that doesn't have epacket?

  8. Are there other platforms besides facebook where you can place ads?

  9. People are not going to want to wait 30-60 days for their products ordered. I have looked at Ali Express and that seems to be the norm for shipping with them.

  10. do people mind waiting for 2-3 weeks to get their products

  11. FireApps - Premium Apps for Shopify Stores

    Very useful for beginners who want to start a dropshipping business with AliExpress.

  12. Hi Billy;

    How do you manage orders taken from your shopify store to Aliexpress so orders are placed on time on Ali Express and that the procees works atomatically?

  13. I was kinda slow to use Aliexpress because I heard they take a long time to ship out, but I can set the shipping time? right?

  14. Your video is Awesome Chris! Thanks for sharing Billy…

  15. one thing sets me up, buying things from aliexpress, it does do a long time till it is there man. also, you don´t have a store. so, every sale you must bring the product to a distribution store? exhausting. please help me out thank you

  16. I'm willing to pay someone to help me setup a passive income stream

  17. there is a minimum quantity that you need to buy from alibaba to get the low price . the price is not for 1pair . fyi

  18. Hey
    Anyone knows how to get to the search page seen in 1h26m?

  19. Uthayakumar Rasiah

    Try affiliate marketing. best way to make money online.

  20. Dimitris Kokkotis

    hey there!!Mitsakos from Greece here..i have 2 questions..what about taxes?do you have to pay anything?the receipt?who is giving them?thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Great video Chris but that other guy is annoying….

  22. I apologize for the lagginess of the video. When Chris was making this video and recording his screen, his internet was lagging.
    I tried to fix that with YouTube, but this was the best that could be done about the lagginess. 🙁

  23. your video is so laggy….

  24. Cool , which plugin show you the epacket?

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