Shopify – How Horacio Makes $10,000 A Day With Ecommerce | Student Interview

Shopify – How Horacio Makes $10,000 A Day With Ecommerce | Student Interview

- in Shopify Training

Horracio has an amazing story:
This guy really started from the bottom with no skillset and not even know how to speak English because when he came to the states from Mexico he had no prior training in the language…

Got made fun of in High School

Got Fired from his job

But after many time failing trying to make it work online
He figure out the secrets to now making 10K a day Online

The real story behind his character is persistence
Although many people laugh at him
but he was not going to let that stop him…

He learn how to make money with Shopify
Using Facebook ads and crush it to a whole next LEVEL



  2. what kind of events do you attend?

  3. Hlw brother send your Facebook account……. But my Facebook account……. Back rakesh dash

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  5. He simply could have sold old stuff on ebay. That way he would have made money online earlier

  6. I always give people a chance I'm going to give these two guys the benefit of the doubt I'm going to see if their info could help me make at least $100 a day

  7. I think if you took Bill Gates or the two guys who own Google and said I'm going to need you to make $10,000 a day do whatever it takes I'll give you any amount of time and they probably couldn't do it because this kid just got lucky he won the Shopify Lottery. unless he shows me step-by-step what I have to do to make $100 a day I'm still going to be skeptical I will pray to God that someone can prove me wrong prove to me that I can make $100 a day

  8. Miz Lagunesvary

    Thank you for sharing your story and thanks Keder for covering his story… I`ll be there soon 😉

  9. I mean awesome oops.

  10. AWSOME STORY ! Got my pump on. K pow !

  11. SeekerofTruth29

    I'm latino as well,this is inspiring.

  12. SeekerofTruth29

    $72,000 in a month? damn,I would be happy with just 10k a month.

  13. Very inspiring. thanks so much

  14. Thank you for interviewing this guy feeling inspired

  15. Says he paid someone $3,000 to help mentor him. Well that's the real gambit.
    failed to realize it was all him the mentor was never needed all your tools are online free to start your shopify

  16. Untouchablefella

    Love it keep up the great work!

  17. love your videos……👊POW

  18. Hey keder I'm making my online store on shopify for my own clothing line. Do you think i can be successful with this or dropshipping products?

  19. im 18 and got 3,000 likes on my fb page in 4 days but no sales did advertising for $4 a day if i build a big community what next?

  20. El HangOut Zone

    since i need a niche how do i go about selling to different niches? like is it possible to open multiple stores on shopify? or do i take products off everytime i want to target a new niche audience?

  21. Benita Dufresne

    can you please be my mentor? I'm at a point of frustration! I'm a single mom one of my kids are falling school & I need a second job to pay bills. I can not afford to get a second job because my kids need me. Please help me! I'm a hands on learner. I just need help to start out the right way. I have no margin for error. I can fail my kids.

  22. Super Great Video!! Thank you very very much to the both of you! Your videos get me pumped and you make me believe more!! Are you offering any personal advice through phone call or email? Please get back at me!

  23. Thato Jean-Jacque Kasongo

    I've paused this video at 0:05 to let it load fully but I already just want to thank you for this man.
    Im learning about Dropshipping and your videos have me supercharged to start "crushing it" 😭
    Thanks a lot!

  24. Im lost here. Is it better to mark up the price on good products or use the free plus shipping method? cause i see a lot of buzz on that method and Im torn.

  25. Christian Angelo Nilsén

    Hi man! Like these inspirational videos. It would be nice though if you ask what kind of style works best for them. Free + shipping? Apparel, jewelry? Ect

  26. today was my first sale, man that felt good, opened my store 3 days ago, definitely a pleasant surprise to open shopify today, motivation to keep going, 19 years old, my goal is to be a 20 year old financially secured!

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