Shopify Drop Ship Store Walkthrough | $2k / Day Store Set Up From Scratch | eCom Dudes

Shopify Drop Ship Store Walkthrough | $2k / Day Store Set Up From Scratch | eCom Dudes

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Dan Dasilva (CEO of eCom Dudes) reveals exactly how you can set up an automated dropshipping store using nothing but Shopify + Oberlo. Through this series you will learn exactly what it takes to create these amazing stores without having to spend hours of trial and error.

We at eCom Dudes hope you enjoy this video to the fullest!


  1. Dan, thanks for info. I'm excited to open my store.

  2. A small initial investment and you will have documentation along with the tools to be able to start earning $ 10,000 per month.
    Or another free initial job but more difficult

  3. Question, can you have more than one product on a shopify store, like for instance electronics and coffee mugs too

  4. So are you importing products before you sell any?

  5. You missed the blur @ 37:04

  6. Hey Dan, would you please tell me how to charge shipping PER ITEM and not general …?

  7. Do i really have to put the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the Refund Policy. Or is it just optional?

  8. Definitely enjoyed the video learned some new things and plan on opening my own Shopify store. I see you are a fast talker that means you are a fast thinker nothing wrong with that.
    Just to let everybody know there is a way to control the speed on your YouTube playback which is really handy if you take a driving School class on YouTube I know saved a few hours by speeding up the class.

  9. you're web link set up looks so different from mines it's confusing

  10. Can you set default shipping in Oberlo? So that it automatically shows price+ships with ePacket?

  11. Very useful, thanks!

  12. What if the customers want to return the items back?(pls teach me)

  13. Just want to ask whether u put items that from aliexpress to amazon or shoptify is better?

  14. أحمد سمير

    اربح عن طريق الاستثمار بالفوركس اسبوعيا

  15. orlandotelevision

    QUESTION!….WHO PAYS FOR THE PRODUCT FIRST? Is there an automatic system? What if you get 5800 orders? How do you fill the orders?

  16. orlandotelevision

    Slow down!!!

  17. Love your video I followed all the steps great but on my general settings there was no cart on my menu, please tell me what to do?

  18. Post more info!!! ??? awesome content

  19. Im stuck on the pixel part, how do i get to facebook ads manager? please help asap… thanks heaps.

  20. Thanks for the help, I spent a good amount of time following this and setting up a nice looking store 🙂

  21. Hey guys! I'm new on this, so I want to ask: How can the customer and me know the shipping cost and waiting time for any given product? Is there a calculator in the system? If so, where can I find it? Thanks in advance!

  22. Good video but the speed just went too fast!

  23. This was soooo helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to help us out.

  24. I will develop professional shopify website at an affordable fee.

  25. How are you guys going to bitch about him going fast when he literally laid it all out for us. Except around the 35:40 mark where he leaves some things out.

  26. Thank you so much for the video you helped me a lot now I going to watch all your video to learn more

  27. A game where the virtual currency can be converted in REAL MONEY!

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  29. So what will happen to the dispatched order if it got failed delivery or cancelled

  30. can you also add your own products. and not the products from AliExpress etc.

  31. hi dan, I am new with shopify, is it possible to fulfill an order using your oberlo in your phone? can you install that oberlo plugin in you mobile device? lets say I wanted to finish an order in my phone? thanks dan!

  32. the idea of dropshipping seems great but why wouldn't someone just buy the products that they'd find on a dropping shopify page over a place like Amazon where they can get it probably for the same or similar price with faster shipping and better customer service?

  33. can you share any data on the conversions of the gaming site?

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