Shopify & Clickfunnels Ecommerce Case Study For New Store In August 2017

Shopify & Clickfunnels Ecommerce Case Study For New Store In August 2017

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  1. Great video! But how the hell do you test 5-10 products a day? Do you not research at all on your target audience? What about your ad copies? All this takes a lot of time unless you have something that you're not telling us.

  2. You are an honest, intelligent, compassionate, friendly and hyper-professional (hyper as in Mega, Not as in bouncing all over the place – lol) entrepreneur. It is really something when someone with success such as yours is willing to share it. My wife say's that men with voices like yours are good to the core. Perhaps? Anyhow, really enjoy your style and especially your key information that is so important to new ecommerce entrepreneurs. Cheers from Gordon Welke and Leona Sackaney

  3. Hi J Keitsu how are you integrating the orders from CF to Shopify. I am currently copy and pasting and it sucks. Thx

  4. Ballinwillin House Farm

    Does it have to be done through Shopify and CF?

  5. Regarding payment method and getting slapped. Happened to a client of mine. Turned out the bank falsely detected a suspicious payment, they tried an instant call to the client, he didn't pick up, so a flag went out, and Facebook's reaction to such is to pull the payment method. As soon as the bank was spoken to, then the same payment method could be added back to the FB account and all good.

  6. The Commission Code

    Does Click Funnels Have a Payment Processor Attached or do You Need to Have Your Own?

  7. Dropship

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  12. So for a brand new shopify store you start off with conversion purchases? it would show a red dot as there have been no sales yet right?

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  15. Entertainment Hub


  16. Easy Kids Doodle - Color & Draw


  17. Dropship

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  20. Bodybuilding Beasts

    Nice Method to affiliate your click funnels lol!!!!! no high value actually!


    Hi from Turkey

  22. Awesome training as always! I love ClickFunnels and I am anxious to use it in combination with my Shopify store. Thanks for the report, J Keitsu!

  23. I'm not sure what I just watched….. When you say "winning product" are you referring to the hundreds of courses out there and/or digital content etc? If so, why would you need shopify?

  24. Making Money With An Online Marketing Business

    This was great and useful training, thanks for sharing. I have bookmarked and also let others know about this case srudy. Lastly I just subscribed to you channel, you are one to watch! Congratulations on your success with this store and your online business in general! Cheers!

  25. Muchas gracias!

  26. Hii J keitsu,
    Your channel has a potential to grow very fast if you provide some valuable contents like this one. You already show your dashboard as a proof which many Ecom gurus don't. Also i'll be buying your course from my first salary next month 🙂

  27. Hello Friend!
    you could make a case study related to winning products, from previous seasons, would be a great help to have references.
    Very good video!

    thank you very much, it serves me a lot! Greetings from Latin America Chile!

  28. Behind the scenes


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