Shopify Case Study with Manny Hanif

Shopify Case Study with Manny Hanif

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eCom Empires Academy 2016-2017 unfortunately is over, doors open once again later this year!
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    i m from morocco , i want to be from this is People Here , Muslim , i'm very happy when hear people say it , I'm Very Happy


    you are Monster , I love you because you are Muslim Man and me too but respect everyone

  3. Just curious why you shut off your store which seemed to have huge success.

  4. whats the name of that app by which you made the video thanks

  5. hi thanks for the case study question are you still selling this product…..if so do you think its worth selling now using what you just showed or Is this product not worth selling thanks again for all the value you provided

  6. can you confirm if the 'sorting by orders' options are still available on amazon and Alibaba. according to me these viewing options have been removed.

  7. i want to create a paypal account and join spphiofy but the postal code is not accepting my local country code how do i get a postal code thats is required?

  8. Hey, love your video, but why would you close or discontinue the store??

  9. Amazing video learnt a lot. one question! Before you order from AliExpress vendor, did you enter into an agreement? I learnt dropshiping has to be either a) Salem contract or b) vendor agent agreement! which one have you used? I have tried several vendors to enter into sales agent deal , but they are not responding!

  10. Hi, I've managed to create some very successful Facebook post engagement ads, but I don't seem to get hardly any clicks. For instance, I've got a post that has 110 shares, 521 likes and has only got 30 link clicks. Why is this? The link is very evident and there's a caption for it. Thanks.

  11. great content. keep it up

  12. What's funny is you made money of the exact people that don't like your religion lol.

  13. Salaam. I've watched the training video on your site but I don't understand why we (UK citizens) are targeting the US? is there a reason for it?

  14. You profit was around $5k/$6k . right ?

  15. Assalamu Alaikum.Am from Nigeria and am interested just that our exchange rate is very high it's 480-$1 will it still work.Jazakallahu khair

  16. Correct me if I'm wrong. You are buying the telescope for 7.99 and you spend 7.48 on advertisements which adds up to costs of 15,47. Then you are selling it for 14,99. Doesn't that mean you loose 0.48 per sold ithem?

  17. This video just motivated me to start my own business! May Allah grant you success and happiness!!! But I have some questions I would like to ask, can you provide me with your contact details (email)?
    Thank You So Much!


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