Shopify Case Study Part 1 – Dominate To $1000 Days In Any Niche

Shopify Case Study Part 1 – Dominate To $1000 Days In Any Niche

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In this case study, I will walk you through how to attack a single niche and dominate it within a matter of days. The niche I’m attacking has generated well over a quarter million dollars of revenue for MB3 this year and will continue to do so. Take the knowledge I share and use it wisely!


  1. Louis Philippe Facun

    what print on demand company are you using?

  2. HitFilmTutorials-Arabic

    hey travis,
    i would like to ask you something that brings a lot of confusion to me,
    when you're testing out products at 5 bucks a day, do you set the conversion to purchase or add to cart?

    some net gurus are saying theres no use to put purchase since the pixel doesnt recognize it. you need to go view content > add to cart > purchase.

    what are your comments since everytime i see u u put purchase.

  3. I've never seen a case study this in dept, lovely video u should offer e-commerce couching bro

  4. bomb video

  5. An Excellent place to buy products is in

  6. Do you have a course on this buddy?

  7. Hey do you have an coaching program

  8. Notice the Know-it-All

    god damn ur a fucing a boss

  9. Wich theme are you using???

  10. So when someone purchace our product, we manually buy at aliexpress and send to their address or everything is automatic? thx

  11. A bit advanced for me. Any video for someone who just opened a store on shopify?

  12. hey man it's nice to see someone add value for free, thanks for this

  13. ive been watching some of your videos…question
    how can i create a free + shipping on a 25-50 t-shirt ??
    i know i cant offer a shirt for free then charge 25-50 shipping to recoup
    how can i go about this…or is there a different way to do this ???

  14. Can shopyfy replicate a website is there a option to do that .I know it is possible with wordpress but I dont have idea about shopyfy theme. What I want to is to replicate an existing website made with shopyfy theme a .com to a .ph site?

  15. I think scaling would be the tricky part for people just starting out eCommerce. Travis after you've done testing the fb ads to find a winning niche what would you recommend to those on a bit of a budget?.. do you think starting out with $30-50 a day is not enough to increase ROI, or does it all depend on how hot the niche is? thanks.

  16. How do you find cow interest?

  17. How much money would you recommend that I save to invest in this business model? $600 maybe?

  18. I am new to shopify. I want to start selling. Do have a beginner guide or video guide you can send me?

  19. how much do you make a month thanks to shopify and what approach should a begginer with low budget have?

  20. Thanks for the great info. 🙂

  21. Color Clipping Ltd.

    Very Helpful

  22. Balazs Balatinacz

    Great step by step guide.

  23. Great video I was lost on the new pixels before watching this! Since it only allows you to create 20 custom conversion pixels what about doing niche specific pixels and instead of adding the url to the product choose a event. Ex if your creating a purchases pixel instead of adding the url select from the drop down events then purchase. Have you done this before?

  24. what shirt fulfillment service do you use for your shopify store ? sorry for the oot question 🙂

  25. You were looking down during this video at like maybe a cheat sheet or like a list of what you had to make sure you would do to make these ads work. Can you share this cheat sheet? Thanks and great video!!

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