Shopify Case Study Free + Shipping

Shopify Case Study Free + Shipping

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I have created a course on how to build a Shopify store and generate revenues.
You want to take this course, it goes in depth into creating a shopify store, finding the right products to promote, and creating ads that generate sales


  1. Very Nice! I'm new to the whole Shopify drop shipping thing so I have a lot of questions. I'm working on my shopify online store now and my questions is, do I need to purchase the items first or do I simply create the ad, place the items in my store and run the ads? Ok, if the customer likes it and buys it, is that how aliexpress gets paid? or do I need to buy the items first?

  2. Your $10 course jumped to $140 after the first funnel page. said coupon doesn't work

  3. Masster Alexander

    shipping cost = $10.97 is so expensive, I think !

  4. Which theme did you use in Shopify?

  5. mourad eljarrari

    hi can you please share facebook detail targeting like intrest and a whole list for dog collar . i try with no success

  6. How do you create the urgency bar?

  7. Thank You. But how did you get to start your store

  8. How do you handle the problem with the Chinese packaging? They need to have an address and price on the packaging for their customs. So when the customer recieves the package, they'll see the price and origin. Any tips?

  9. Wow Thank you !!!
    How much money did you spend for so many likes, comments.. ?

  10. Tomer can you make a video or point to one which shows how to make this type of shopify store/page @tomeralgrably

  11. Hi dude thanks for the info, can thus work for Canada.

  12. Are you able to share with me how you target the audience. Like I see it's mainly female you're advertising to, and a certain age, obviously a dog owner, but are there other things that you target with your advertising? That's what I get stuck on, the audience targeting. My last question is your sales funnel shopify front, did you custom design that? Is there a chance I could obtain a copy of your design and edit for my own free + shipping product/s? (just also I noticed that you place the order directly with the supplier – have you tried the app oberlo in shopify – it just become free, and lets you order directly without manual entry – will save you lots of time). Thank you.

  13. What do you use to create facebook ads?

  14. Hey Tomer please answer this question,

    Do You get alot of refunds because aliexpress takes about 20-60 days to ship it to the customer and how can you avoid this.

  15. How long should you wait to decide if a FB ad is going to be viable?

  16. What theme do you use?

  17. Hi how do you get them to go straight to the add to cart page?

  18. I wanna know what theme you are using and as below said, how do you make that countdown timer? I subscribed to your webinars! 😀

  19. Santosh Avi Booluck

    How do you hide the product on your shopify account ?

  20. Can we just create a store for example and list 1 item, market it and direct customers to that?
    Also what theme on shopify are you using and how do you get the countdown timers?

  21. Nurul Amin Tonmoy

    well how much you spend for this with facebook ads?

  22. Wow! Thank you for showcasing this case study. Drop shipping is the future!

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