Shopify Case Study #26 – $40,889.28 With One Simple Method

Shopify Case Study #26 – $40,889.28 With One Simple Method

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  1. Brilliant man! Share some more

  2. Hi Gerald – Great Video… thank you!   I've searched and found the pin search app on google chrome however it no longer works.  Is yours still functional ?

  3. Do you know where/how I can get invoices from Aliexpress/ or the sellers? I just had my first sales and figured out I need them for my accounting…

  4. hi, what is the name of tool you are using (which visible on screen) to monitor your fb page (ad) performance?

  5. Hello, Join me on PayPal and we’ll get £5 each when you make your first purchase.

  6. please what is the name of this site you use for your product research

  7. Very nice. Thanks for sharing

  8. Facebook ads is frustrating..and fb has no customer service :/

  9. Amond Eve Casones

    Thank you Geral.

  10. Super helpful video and thank you for sharing. **Make more please**

  11. Thank You ☺

  12. Anyway, how do I get your training course and mentoring?

  13. Thats a very bad example. Its $4.50 per mug, how is that "cheap"?? how much will you sell it for?

  14. How do you ensure the supplier sends out the packaging well presented if you're only dropshipping?

  15. Bro amazing video! I have a question. How can I set up my shopify store to manage that kind of sell? "get 1 and 2 free" ?
    I hope you can answer this! by the way, what a piece of gold!

  16. Were you doing drop shipping and selling at that price?

  17. Riza Abongan-Covita

    What if u have few items in your store and u wanna sell 1 item for buy 1 get 2 free, how can you do that? Where in shopify u edit that? And how about free item just pay S&H.

  18. saya suka video kamu. apakah saya bisa belajar dari kamu, mr. Soh? emailku :

  19. How did you find that chrome extension for pintrest?

  20. great video, but how you got the price of 0,17 $?

  21. This video is GOLD!!!!!! I love it!!

  22. Great video, lots of information. Do you offer the same items at a different price in your store or if you offer a special sale item that is the only way they can get it. Thank you

  23. Amazing video keep up these kind of great videos

  24. i am bangladesh and not get any good credit card payment getway

  25. Hi, can you make a video about the facebook ads concerning the shopify products ? thx

  26. Sensei Dwayne King

    Very encouraging thanks for the video I subscribed to you. I live in The Bahamas and want to make money from home in an online business format like shopify.

  27. hi, how can I download this Pinsearch? I could not find it. Thanks

  28. Awesome video! Very informative

  29. Great Video!

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