Shopify Case Study – $0 To $152k from One Product

Shopify Case Study – $0 To $152k from One Product

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this video about Shopify case study that shows you how he took his brand new shopify store that Make $152k from One Product in sales. This shopify case study is a good example of how you can make money with shopify and ecommerce once you know what you are doing.


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  2. First, he write-downs the audience keywords randomly and then at the end of the video he says he has 'given us' the exact keywords that made him 1 Billion sales…

  3. doesn't make sense

  4. So a question: I'm new to this and thank you for your insight, but I was wondering in the beginning of your video you were talking about this seasoned pixel and the settings for the conversion event, you gave the 2 settings for a new pixel but what about the seasoned pixel?
    Thanks again.

  5. Yall are so gullible lol This is not the person who uploaded this video. This video is actually from a guy named Adrian Morrison's course from last year so it's old but it is legit.

  6. Hey guys please signup for shopify using my affiliate link
    And I will set up an automated drop-shipping shopify store for you from aliexpress,ebay and other stores for free..install a proffessional looking store for you for me after signing up

  7. Believe me, you are the best one who explained this way honestly. Thank you

  8. Do you know where/how I can get invoices from Aliexpress/ or the sellers? I just had my first sales and figured out I need them for my accounting…

  9. Thanks for the share Beff.

  10. Hello, Join me on PayPal and we’ll get £5 each when you make your first purchase.

  11. Always the same thing. Give me your email address. Sign up for a website so you can pay for a domain at a cost of $30*/month. I make commission on you because I refered you. Also, buy my training program which me the "mentor" you will never meet because you just have to talk to my workers. Be ready to spend money on ads because you need A LOT of traffic to the website. Be ready to spend lots of $$$$$. #Truthhurts

  12. Go to hell and face your judgement Luci is the king of lies why are trying to put yourself on that same boat?

  13. Awesome vid. Loved the detail and pointers.

  14. andrews lifestyle25

    Now this is definitely a stupid video 🙂
    With no proof whatsoever and even if you come up with one,who would pay 13 dollars for shipping?:)
    It is hilarious but hey…you still got some money of of google adsense,so congrats

  15. see how he keeps saying just keep testing and testing, meanwhile that "testing" cost us a lot of money.

  16. so how do you create the product in Shopify as $0 and customer just pay shipping and handling?

  17. Always nice to start the day with a big fat lying scumbag video.

  18. I'm a newbie,please do you need a website to start this?
    Do u actually sell it on your website?

  19. Hi ! Have a question : why removing ads for instagram ?

  20. Ha a "CASE" study

  21. How can I specifically target people to buy watches ?

  22. Nice lie, you're really good at scamming dude !

  23. Case Study? That implies some kind of proof! Where's the proof?

  24. This guy is shady AF. He never shows his ad account, and we are all supposed to believe him?

  25. Great Video and advice! Thanks for mentoring!
    I am going to start my Shopify store very soon and I am working on it now. Can you please tell me : how many different types of products should I have at my Shopify store on very first day of my go live. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  26. There's a app for shopify called kik that helps with product research and suggest which products to promote on Facebook have you heard of it?

  27. Amilogo Ahmedzaki

    how many days shipping to the client if it was free shipping?

  28. eCommerce Platform

    verry good , thank !

  29. thats very clever man thanks!

  30. You said that you sold 14k of that case but on AliExpress it shows that it has 2739 orders? How tf does that work!?

  31. Well, if nobody else is going to say it then i'm going to. Thanks!

  32. Did you use the same shipping and handling price for the different target countries?

  33. Might be a dumb question but on what Facebook account do you do the ads on? Is it your personal account that you create a company page for or is it your personal account? 🙂

  34. Why dont people who make this kinda videos ever put up their website?

  35. 14000 my ass. there is not even 10,000 sold on ali express.

  36. So…where's Shopify in this video? This is false advertising.

  37. 152k / 14 k = 10.8$ profit over each unit, you must pay 2,33 for the unit, that means people to get the "free" product are charged 13$ for shipping? and 14 000 people paid 13$ shipping for a " free" iphone case?

  38. FYI TO EVERYONE WHO IS WATCHING THIS: …this video is a snippet of the great "ADRIAN MORRISON" …..SO JUST FYI THIS IS NOT THIS GUY BEFF JONE! ….he may just be trying to build his list, but it could be ok if he would have just said these are not his results but Adrian Morrison!

  39. Oladipupo Olutayo

    Thanks Beff

  40. great info

  41. Riza Abongan-Covita

    One more thing, what if I have some few items on my store and I wanna promote one of item for free just pay S&H can I do that?

  42. Riza Abongan-Covita

    Thank you for showing this. Question how did you saved ur customized audience or target.

  43. How much of that $152K was profit though? And the targeting here is extremely broad, meaning that if you guys decide to use it, everyone and their mother and father are using it or are going to be using it too so good luck getting a sale with that lol.

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