My First $500 Day With Shopify – How I did it

My First $500 Day With Shopify – How I did it

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  1. Thank you for all those tips.. i will try them!

  2. hello Keder, is it legal to sell those rings ? What about copyrights?

  3. im right at 2 months, im so glad i found your channel. you're like my spirit animal or something lmao

  4. Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

  5. help me get started

  6. Hey Keder I've been loving your videos for a while now and getting advise from many people like you. I had one product I got over 70,000 post engagements but only 10 sales. I spent more than what I made and people commenting and telling their friends they loved it but just didn't convert to sales over and over. What's your tip? 70,000 post engagements is crazy for me but I'm shocked no one buys. It's such a cheap deal too….

  7. hi I watch your vids and I believe you are authentic. I just started my store still in my trial phase. Can you tell me if I have to buy my host n domain from shopify? Does my FB business account have to link with my personal page. fb did it automatically.
    I need to know how to make an ad. please help

  8. wheres your store?

  9. I made my first sell this week after being live for a couple of weeks.

  10. Thank you for all the vids you are a really good guy, wish nothing but luck for you

  11. Importum Exportum

    Excellent ! Bravo !

  12. How much did you invest in the adds?

  13. Relaxation Music With Jacob W. D.

    I love your videos.

  14. Hello my name is Jeff, I'm all the way new to this, but I do have some internet marketing experience. How long does it take if I'm consistent daily to make $500 in a day?

  15. Dope Video!!!!…I just made my first 70 bucks online. Can you email me?

  16. awesome tips thanks

  17. How long did it take you for you to get the $100 day in shopify? Was the first month the slowest for you?

  18. how do u drive traffic to the store if your budget runs out on ads? I just opened last week? thank u

  19. I don't understand this whole shopify thing. If you have a product to market who sends them to the customer when you are out of the country? Sorry I seem dumb but am trying to get my head around how this all works!

  20. Snap Interchangeable Cameo Jewelry

    How much did you invest?

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