My Favourite Shopify Apps (2017)

My Favourite Shopify Apps (2017)

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This is a video going over my favourite Shopify apps as of February 2017! All the apps listed in the video are free except for the app abandonment protector which costs roughly 8$/month. The apps listed in the video are: Abandonment protector, BEST currency converter,, Improved contact form, InstantFavicon, McaFee secure, Oberlo and sales pop.


  1. speak louder dude!

  2. Abdisemed Mohamed

    hi thank you very much lol but i would like to know how you put that tracking website in your store

  3. Local Business Videos

    Check out this new upsell app for Shopify, it can instantly increase your profitability

  4. Do more shopify vids dude, what are you waiting for?

  5. Thanks for the info. Good Luck with your shop.

  6. As you are in Canada and your currency is $ CAD, how people from US would pay, do they pay in CAD or in US dollar ? I am targeting US audience, and I want to use US as currency, Shopify won't allow to change the currency

  7. Biz Opp Community

    What Shopify Template do you use for your store

  8. Ryviu app builds to import product reviews from Aliexpress and Amazon to Shopify

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