How To Make $100 Per Day With Shopify (Explained For Beginners)

How To Make $100 Per Day With Shopify (Explained For Beginners)

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Showing you how to make $100 online with Shopify. I’m taking you back to the start on how this all works!

When it comes to making money online it comes down to you taking action. When you take action you will start seeing the money roll in. With this video, I want to show you how drop shipping and Shopify work. I was one of the first people ever to try this online and I’ve made well over 6 figures.

My first goal was to make $500 a day online and I achieved that pretty quickly. Now people ask me every day how they can make money online so I’ll show you. This video is basic but it shows you the fundamentals of using Shopify to make money online and getting paid into your PayPal.

You buy products from aliexpress with your credit card then send those products to the person who purchased it off your store. When you get paid you will be paid into your PayPal account. You can use platforms like facebook to do your advertising or other social media accounts. This is a good way to turn profits and make over $100 per day.

When advertising on Facebook it’s important to know your spending limit, don’t spend too much before you make any sales.


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  2. llawyer

    When an order comes in on your shopify website you then have to enter customer information into supplier website manually?

  3. How do you deal with people who want fast shipping times? It seems like a lot of things from Aliexpress take a long time to ship

  4. Thank you, Franklin Hatchett. i usually earn money from


  6. I'm curious as to how this method works because I'm new to e-commerce and Shopify. Why would anyone pay me when they can buy from AliExpress directly? Or can they buy from AliExpress directly?

  7. Bernardo Cardoso

    For selling products such as band shirts and anime-related things, is there some sort of license that needs to be acquired?

  8. Thanks, question though. Do you have to pay Aliexpress for inventory?

  9. If a dropship a product to a customer from ali express, wont they see the receive the receipt for the aliexpress price in the package?

  10. Hey Frank, great video!, i would like to ask you which is the best payment gateway you use or you recommend to use to receive payments doing dropshipping with shopify for the ones that we dont have access to Shopify payments; in my case i live in Mexico and Shopify payments is not available, so i have to use Paypal, but i want to use the technique "free + shipping", and Paypal doesnt allow that, 2checkout doesnt allow either, and Stripe does not allow dropshipping at all, so what gateway do you use or recommend me to use? thanks!

  11. Have you ever dropship from ebay? Aliexpress keeps closing my orders so I'm looking for a different source to get products from.

  12. This might work actually, i researched a couple of examples where you might have 600-1000% ROI. What might be a challenge is the shipping itself, it takes 20-40 days via china post to my country from AliExpress or AliBaba, and people buying crap on internet like cheap jewelry for example want the product immediately.
    Any opinions?


  14. Charndeep Singh

    how can someone add product to shopify. Its hard to figure it out. need some help

  15. Thank you very kindly! I have been a graphic designer for over a decade, but it gets exhausting… high demand and lots of time spent and not a big return… not big enough. I am really interested in this! I like what you said about setting higher goals. I gotta do this! I have sold myself short for far too long. The biggest issue is just choosing the product. And products plural.

  16. Hey Franklin, does it matter that customers will have to wait that the shipping time is so lengthy compared to standard times? Have you found this to be a problem for conversions?

  17. i recommend various apps that work with aliexpress.

  18. Amazing free info. Thank you

  19. Incognito Incognitov

    Franklin huge respect! Keep it up bro!

  20. After you setup your Shopify store, what else do you need to start this business? Do you need to have Aweber?

  21. You need to trademark, “Get the right product in front of the right people” it will snowball !

  22. Your the first video I have seen on how much FB advertising to spend on each niche per day, then gauge what to drop and what to scale!

  23. Konrad McQuilter

    Franklin or anybody have any tips for research? im trying to understand how to do propper, and effective product research, im a bit worried on missing the boat but im determined to get my foot in the door. just subscribed n i really like your chanel, but again any tips on doing effective product research?

  24. Help to make real cash

    Hey guys do affiliate! Really

  25. Free Shipping at aliexpress says 26 to 49 days for free delivery.
    I guess a lot of customer would get upset and claim their money back?

  26. nice straight forward.  I buy on ali. personal items though. I see they can take a month or more to arrive . Wouldn't this upset my customer? How would you address this to customers if the items take a month to arrive. I figured they might as well order from there if they knew . Just wondering because I'm quite interested since  I have purchased atleast 45 personal things thus far

  27. Question! What if the customers add more item in their checkout and buy more than 1 at a time for free. Wouldnt tha decrease profit even with high shipping

  28. Milos Dragojlovic

    Do i need to have fb page for advertesing on fb?

  29. Uthayakumar Rasiah

    Make money with Clickbank affiliate program. big commission.

  30. what do you recommand for me, I'm french and want to use shopify as you stated, but if i target the french audiance it will limit my sale ratio isent it ? since french people do like their native language, im thorned about that.
    or should i go full english regardless of thoses barriers?

  31. Rob Some Knowledge

    Awesome content. I have one question however. When using a sourcing site such as aliexpress, do they not include an invoice in the products? Like where the customer from your shopify site would receive their item and inside will be an invoice for the item price (your cost) and be upset the item was so cheap and you charged a markup for it? Have you ever ran into this?

  32. Does this really work?

  33. do you pay monthly for your shopify?

  34. Is there a way to automate the fulfillment process?

  35. The Justin Anderson

    Once we find a product and create a name for our store, when we're adding it as a product do we put the store name we just made for the part where it says Vendor? or do we put the actual store name selling the product on AliExpress?

  36. Wealthy Flat Earther

    How do we make them pay free + shipping? Do we drop the price to $0 and edit the shipping price? Thanks

  37. Thanks for the video. Extremely helpful. One question, have you done a video on customer returns or refunds? How is that handled?

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