How To Automate a 6 Figures Shopify Business With Drop Shipping – Part 1

How To Automate a 6 Figures Shopify Business With Drop Shipping – Part 1

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  1. What are the ways to fasten the delivery process from manufacturer to customer ? These days 7 to even 21 days for delievering a product especially apparels is very slow.

    Kindly guide.

  2. Thanks so much for the effort! Great information.

  3. ok for you marketing pros. related to advertising, what kind of percent return is considered average. for example, an ad reaches 250,000 people, of that what kind of click return is considered average?

  4. Looking for a type of chrome extension for WordPress for easy plug-in images and descriptions- !!

  5. I want to do this but I need help, I have no idea what I'm doing with creating ads on Facebook for this dropshipping business

  6. Matthew Hernandez

    Do you have Skype. I recently took my dropshipping store to the next level in a 2 month span and trying to take it to the next level. Currently generating $ 200,000.00 a month. Please contact me asap

  7. I came back to post because I THINK I heard a jabber ping in the background of this video.

  8. So, real quick… there is no way to "automate" your business in terms of being completely hands off. You can however remove certain elements from the process of running it. Also, its easy to do. Just google it!

  9. Why people dont buy directy to the aliexpress or amazon

  10. Good one Stephen!

  11. Hello thanks for uploading this series, where is Part 2?

  12. if it's so profitable why would there be tons of people on youtube promoting apps or services how to do it? the truth is it's not as easy as you make it sound. the competition is insane

  13. Love your advice! Thank you. What I don't get is, in Ali express all products take around 20-30 days. Not many customers are going to be fine with waiting that long… Thanks

  14. I run 2 businesses through Amazon and working on creating a third through Shopify. My only question with Drop Shipping (Trying to convert all 3 into 1 big one) is can I adjust the shipping rates when I drop ship? can I make money off of shipping? Amazon is slamming sellers with shipping fees.

  15. How about fulfillment? Are you doing each order manually? Is there a way to automate the fulfillment?

  16. What if someone buys a product off of your shopify site and when you go to order it from your "supplier" aka ali express that item is not in stock anymore?

  17. Hi, I would like to know if you guys offer training? thanks ?

  18. Is the app still available?

  19. What shipping do you tell the customer the item arrives? since the epacket takes usually 10-12 days?

  20. Question: Let's say you have 3 products that the customer wants to buy and all 3 products come from 3 different places and may even have different shipping dates.. When they order this product, you will have to make 3 orders for the customer from 3 places, and the product will come to them seperately from those 3 places. How do you avoid that, or what do you do about that? Or do you just make a disclaimer saying " Products may come sperately from different warehouses " ?

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