From $0 to $224K/Month – Drop Shipping On Shopify Success Story

From $0 to $224K/Month – Drop Shipping On Shopify Success Story

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Juan and I recorded a video talking about how we will start drop shipping on Shopify a few weeks ago and now we are recording to share our success story.

We were able to take our drop shipping on Shopify business from $0 to $224K/month within our first month!
Drop shipping on Shopify is by no means easy, but if you have a blueprint to follow when building your business, whether you want to also start drop shipping on Shopify or a whole new business, it is a lot easier to create your own success story!

Samir Chibane is a young entrepreneur who has made a commitment to document and share his journey to the top. He hopes to touch millions of young entrepreneurs through his personal struggles, failures, and successes.

Samir is breaking out of obscurity by providing more value and relevant content than anyone else.



  2. What products do you guys sell? What is your website?


  4. Bla bla bla

  5. What’s the niche

  6. This is 100% fake as fuck.

  7. What exactly was your product? can we see a proof ?

  8. Samir, shut the fuck up. If I were Juan, I would have punched your illiterate ass in the mouth for interrupting all the points he was actually making. If you want people to believe your story, try being more professional.

  9. How can i get a starras a virtual assistant

  10. contact me for drop-ship, e-packet shipping and Product sourcing from China.

  11. Inspiration Station

    I think this video got so many dislikes, because the guy with glasses keeps cutting the other guy off. Please let him speak. I know you're excited, but dang, it annoys your viewers.

  12. I hate a talkative person so I skip! Bye

  13. Caveat Emptor
    Even Oberlo state that over 50% of Shopify Stores NEVER make even one sale.
    The Market is already saturated

  14. Dominik Ivanovic Becirovic

    It is fake bruuhh

  15. To Release is To Resolve

    These guys are full of BS especially the twat in the glasses, he needs to be drop kicked back to his mum's vag.

  16. Can I mute the dude in the glasses fuck

  17. Seems like Juan does all the work..

  18. spit your fucking gum out, holy shit. no one wants to watch you smack gum for 8 minutes

  19. jamboree and alton huh

  20. not hating buy how do you offer a course, and all youre saying you made 200k… like where is the proof tho. i can go to a hotel and do the same thing.

  21. Bryant Santa Cruz

    i just move to Mission Viejo from Pasadena, looking for more ecom people to be networking with as well. let me know

  22. Bryant Santa Cruz

    do you guys have a program?

  23. the guy wearing hat speaks what we need to hear but the guy with glasses doesn't add up anything and is keeping us from focusing.

  24. DropshipWholesale PROS . Com

    Yeah guys great video. I've been drop shipping for 3 years so I know what you say is true!

  25. BreuckelensFinest

    You guy's lost me when you said "Yo" & "Like" too much!

  26. LOL the guy with the glasses should learn how to chew with his mouth shut. Didn't his mom teach him some manners.

  27. Awesome work, guys! How did you set up your PayPal account from being blocked?

  28. What's your website?

  29. you guys are a cute couple XD

  30. Francisco Castellanos

    Lol. All these haters in the comments.

  31. So happy to see 2 young men able to make real money together. God bless you both with everything good that life offers. #tailopezisawesome

  32. out of the 224k in revenue, what was the actual profit in dollars? thanks

  33. Why is logic doing dropshipping. He should be dropping albums

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