Drop Shipping On Shopify — 5 Important Drop Shipping Tips For Beginners | #076

Drop Shipping On Shopify — 5 Important Drop Shipping Tips For Beginners | #076

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In today’s episode I talk about drop shipping on Shopify and share 5 drop shipping tips that will help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.


  1. Till, I've had my store open for months and I can't make a sale, I've been running paid advertising for months and have spent well over $1000 in ads and overdrawn account fees. I don't understand what it is that I'm doing wrong!

  2. Awesome advice! Thank you for sharing your experience with drop shipping! I haven't pulled the trigger yet on "selling". LOL I have the Shopify store and the website but I haven't partnered with any distributors yet. Im looking forward to the next episode!

  3. how do i put my company name packages when im dropshipping through aliexpress

  4. hi i wana open a shopify dropship store, i dont want my customers should see my home address, is there anyway they will be able to see it by the invoice from shopify or the invoice from paypal? do i need to set up a virtual business address?

  5. Christopher Dan Igarta

    I am from the Philippines but I want to sell in the US. Will my buyer trust me if i am based in the Philippines? Because i was thinking that maybe some people will want to know where is my business is located

  6. Thank you for answering the questions nobody else does, it sucks how the great channels like yours are the hard ones to find.

  7. hi im new to this world, is there someone who can guide me step by step from picking right niche to opening store traffic taxes and all those stuff i see all these videos but many terms i'm not fammiliar with i live in croatia need some extra income desperately so i thought i'd give this a shot 🙂

  8. Im starting a dropshipping business in a few weeks as a 15 year old ! Any tips ?

  9. I have a question I am starting a Shopify store from the UK, however all delivery services are $30 dollars plus! The only free one is China post but it is 'China Post Air Registered Mail' but it is 20 – 40 days!

    What do i do?

  10. Hi Till, I have some problems with my adds on fb, dont know whats going on, my website its well done but we are not making any sells, would like you to help me please!

  11. I can't find any supplier that offers DHL Global. They only offer DHL expres wich costs like $70 for shipping O.o..
    I plan on starting a store in germany, should I just deal with the shipping time 28-55 days?

  12. Hi, i'm just starting with my business, i need help!

  13. Till have you had any returns since you made this video? Hopefully not but just curious. 🙂

  14. Till is the Thierry Henry of eCommerce! 😀

  15. Hey, really struggling to find an answer to this question. But I'm trying to dropship to the UK and I'm struggling to find the difference between epacket and china post registered air mail? They both have tracking and they both have an estimated 20-40 day delivery time but china post registered air mail is half the price so not sure why I should go for epacket. Would really appreciate a reply if you can help.

  16. Hi I would like to know should I pay for faster shipping since epaket is 12-20 days for my customers to receive there items.

  17. Anabel Shopifystore Pros

    Very Informative

  18. Nesrellah Ibrahim

    Hi Till Boadella I am trying to register to the course , when will the registration be opened

  19. Leylla Biocosmetics

    Great video! Thank you. Please what's the music at the end of your video? Love it too!

  20. Also another problem I find is this. I will find a great price for a product on Aliexpress, click on it, only to find that the item is on sale for a restricted ammount of time. Such as x ammount of hours or days. THEN the price often goes up often to 50% above the listed sale price. THE regular cost of the item, is usually the same price as retail. So there is NO mark up and NO profit from drop shipping the item. how do you handle these short time sale items?

  21. I am finding A LOT of the same products are posted on Ebay and commonly the price on ebay is the same as the prices on Aliexpress. That means anyone can go on ebay or aliexpress and buy the same product for the same price I am paying for it on Aliexpress. Im having a hard time seeing how that is wholesale!

  22. do you need a tax Id number?

  23. hi can i start a droping shipping business from Africa ? and what do i need ?

  24. Hi, I have a question. How to set facebook adds?

  25. Customers don't mind bad news but they HATE surprises.. just be up front and you'll be ok

  26. how succesful has your drop shipping experience been?

  27. You're quite sexy, Till. ?

  28. I have a question about shipping cost displays. For example i see this item with a fixed shipping cost of 3.99. But from lets say Germany to USA its a lot more. So would u say prices like that allways indicate dropshipmodels?

  29. Hey Till did you make a video about pricing items, for example all my items end in 95. Should I keep it like that or have some like 20$ or 15 without the 95cents?

  30. Marketing Inspire

    Hey Till, great video! I just made my first sale and I was wondering how you handle the processing time. It seems like it takes forever for aliexpress to process orders. Should I wait to send any further emails until i can actually provide them with shipping information?

  31. How do you handle shipping when Chinese New Years rolls around? A lot of the manufacturers don't ship at all or take orders.

  32. Rodrigues tricampeão

    Eu quero trabalhar com importação.

  33. "You can't hide as an entrepreneur; you're not a scammer, you're not a hoax. If you want to build a real, solid long term business you have to be comfortable setting something up that you can put your name on. If you can't do that, you probably shouldn't be in business."

    These should be words that every drop shipping business owner lives by. There are too many greedy individuals out there that are happy to game this system and shovel crap onto unwitting consumers to make a quick thousand bucks.

  34. Would it be possible for you to show an old store?

  35. this is great

  36. איתן הינדי

    I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that from u for suitable tips

  37. Sent you a FB message just now Till. Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

  38. Hi Till, I have a complicated situation here. What if the visitor buys 2-5 products which your products are all from different supplier? Does it mean that the shipping time is different? What if the buyers receive their items at different time when he actually make purchase those items at the same time.

  39. Hamidreza Haghdust

    Hi Till, thanks for all videos, i think you are the one of the mentor reply most of comment.
    i bought your course, i like it so much specially the face book marketing and scaling, can you please send me an email at haghham@gmail.com how i can reach you for any question regarding the course?
    Thanks again giving value in all your videos.

  40. Hey Till, i dont have any business address, do i need to worry if im entering my personal home address? Thanks!

  41. Hey Till, Great Video, but I have a question.
    I Have 3 different shipping rates, 1.0 lb – 9.95,
    2.0 lb – 17.95, & 3.0 lb – 25.95. when I go to checkout and add 2 or more items to my cart,
    Still only 9.95 shows up in my store's checkout.
    If my shopping rates are correct, How can I add
    Multiple items to my cart & get correct shipping rates?

  42. whats your shopify store ?

  43. Hey love your videos! I know this is random but my wife heard the instrumental at the end of the video, where can we find it? Thanks

  44. Thank u so much. Everything is clear for people.

  45. Hey Till, thanks for your informative videos. Im new to internet sales, please excuse my ignorance…I don't have a facebook following, does that mean I have to build one…in order to run this system…

  46. Hi Till,
    Just subscribed to your channel. I want to start my own store on Shopify and I'm starting from scratch. When we find suppliers, are we allowed to use their images and how do we resize them to look good on Shopify?

  47. Great information…many things I've never considered

  48. Hi Till, so I recently subscribed to your page and I was just wondering if you could do (or maybe you already have) a video of general tips on how to start a business when you have no idea what to do and how to do it. Thanks!

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