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  1. There is no recieptfull app anymore because i couldn't find it ?

  2. I can not find Receiptful on Shopify, is there another comparable app or am I looking in the wrong place?

  3. 0:07 is that really necessary?

  4. I really just can't stand your face. Nice video though!

  5. Receiptful doesn't exist on shopify store…help??

  6. Hey i can't find the receiptful app anywhere did they change the name or do you know of a new app available?

  7. how would i be able to send shirts to influencers without buying it for full price from my website

  8. Are these chrome extentions?

  9. Would you also recommend Printful for Europe? Or which one would you recommend in Europe to keep the shipping costs as low as possible, but still have a trustworthy supplier?

  10. Dimitris Treasure

    Nice videos.

  11. hello
    I am watching your videos for 2 days now.
    They are useful.Thank you.
    But I still call my self a beginner.I was very impresed to see what happen with that knife sharpener,but in the day 3 you change the topic of the video and never finish selling that tool.Why?
    I am a beginner as I said but I really feel my self into this.I am only 18 so I hope you help me.
    I would really appreciate if you reply.R.H
    Your new follower

  12. Oh cool! We're friends now? woo whoo!

  13. sir i want to start shopify store in india so do these apps function properly for indian shopify users

  14. very nice videos sir!!!!!
    can i use these apps for shopify store in india for dropshipping

  15. This is great. I joined your group and messaged you on Facebook! You inspired me to do this and I need your help.

  16. great video and info …. but having trouble hearing you compared to others, have to put my setting to top level and still not that loud 😉 thanks for sharing

  17. Dan I can't seem to add your snap code do you mind if you tell me your username? I would like to be able to contact you somehow

  18. No BS Drop Shipping Training

    this has nothing to do with day 2

  19. Lol, gotta love the smooth segway from the previous video to this one. 'So, after looking at physical products, I decided to choose t shirts…'

  20. If you're interested in using the information from inside Facebook generated by the pixel, especially if you're contemplating running campaigns optimised by conversion (kind of a no brainer) I suggest using no apps. They're a pain in the arse; they cause double, even triple reporting, throw off the sales value and ROI numbers, vantage being one of the main culprits.

  21. Great series!! Thank you for this, I have my product, done the process of setting up, have designers on the logo. Only thing I'm confused with is as I'm using aliexpress to sorce my product do I have to talk to the supplier and organise something before I put the product on my site?? And if I want it branded do I then have to order in bulk?

  22. I Love It ! I Love It !
    Your doing great !

  23. Three Year Millionaire

    Really useful video! Trying to set up a shopify store atm and I've been thinking hard about which apps to chose!

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