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This is day 1 of the 7 day Shopify Challenge Series. Watch me LIVE as I take a brand new Shopify store to over $1,000 in sales over the next 7 days!

In Day 1, I will be setting up a brand new Shopify store and setting up everything to maximise my stores revenue. I will also be selecting the best apps to use in the store.


  1. U did what took me 2 hours in five minutes

  2. dropship-money.1s.fr*

    Awesome Idea Thanks !

  3. Hey Rory, how much money do actually need on day one to start everything going? Thanks

  4. Dont say that "Brooklyn" is the best theme in shopify.. Some like it, some do not like it. Maybe for others do not think that. You cannot say "the best" about anthything unless you say it is "the best" for you…

  5. Hi Rory! Nice informative video! Can you tell me what percentage of your sales are chargebacks? The whole idea of spending and then losing the product and the money scares the hell out of me. Any advice on what to do if this happens? How to prevent It? Thanks buddy

  6. Prize Claw Arcade

    Took me forever to figure out when he said "ups" he was saying APPS…

  7. Home Profit System

    Ganon why did you kidnap Zelda ?

  8. hands down best guide out there for getting started on shopify

  9. Thank you so much for sharing

  10. Hi Rory, first of all big thank you for all the videos, watched them all yesterday! lol Today it's my action day and will be working along everyday just like you did in the video and post my results on my day 7! Regarding Google Analytics code, don't you buy the domain first?

  11. which shopify plan? is basic ok?

  12. Hello Rory I have so much respect for what you're doing, I've understood the whole process really well thanks to you. However, there's just one bit that wasn't clear for me. My question to you is. When you buy a product from aliexpress, do they ship the products to you or do they store it somewhere before it gets shipped to the customer?

  13. Hey how do i add Facebook Pixels. Im stuck on how to even get to that point

  14. Baltazar Cristobal

    hey rory, in the shopify policies you pasted, it asks for the addresses that should be shipped to incase there ever needs to be a return. Is that your true address or what should we put?

  15. Finally somebody give practical advises!

  16. Gold!

  17. is sales pop called something different now?

  18. Do you recommend any books or sources which we can use to learn all those amazing staff?

  19. why is it written 346 sessions on your google analytics while you just created the store???

  20. What do I put for website URL when setting up Google Analytics?

  21. so is it only start shopify job selling stuff for 15 dollar?

  22. Don't you need to create a website first with a domain name before you do google analytics so you can enter your url?

  23. Hi Rory. Thank you very much for this video it's very helpful, I will look at the others too

  24. Which Shopify plan do u use? 29, 79, ??

  25. Nice!! I droped a like, because of the passion and energy… and also because some times, I was affraid you were having a heart attack !!

  26. Why would anyone give a thumbs down on this video? Great content

  27. Hey I was watching your video because i'm getting into Shopify and i noticed you used my song 🙂 Thanks!

  28. Thanks for the info bra – really good to just have someone to help you through the early stages

  29. Excellent Content. I've been selling on Amazon for a few months now doing well for myself. I would like to in touch with you regarding Shopify you can give me some insights.

  30. alberto betancourt

    Wow! Awesome video series! I must say I am impressed. Completely enjoyed video one, actually i wish it was longer. Very very useful informative and honest training. Serious information on how to build and manage an estore with the shopify platform. I can't wait to see/study the next videos. I think i will watch them all in one day. This is the kind of e-business video training i was looking for and I AM SOOO HAPPY THAT I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! ? This is one of the best courses out there that really walks you through the whole entire process of opening and marketing an estore from the very beginning to the end. keep up the good work and thanks for sharing so much valuable info with youtube users. Personally i would pay to receive private tutoring and guidance on this subject of opening and managing a successful e-businesses and also dropshipping strategies and marketing techniques. By the way, the presentation is clear and speed is good, not too fast and not too slow. So beginners can keep up with the pace of materials. Voice and sound is also right clear. Not too loud. And light is perfect. Serious training indeed. Not the usual bogus or simple stuff that others present on videos here on youtube. I've watched many videos on how to make quick money online and none compares to yours. Ok back to studying the videos. Wishing you success and happiness truly.

  31. What Facebook account do I need to make advertisement can anyone pls help me I wanna follow his model also is it a good idea to set up a test page in order to test product?

  32. Great first video!

  33. Hi Rory, my second comment so far.

    I checked out lionsjewel and noticed that there were no sales popups. Did you disable it, and if so, why?

    Thanks so much and I love you!

  34. rory i am brand new nothing know about shopify is i am able to made 1k$ on shopify i can work upto 12 hours

  35. from zero to over one tousin dollurs

  36. Rory, I don't want to include my personal information in my TOS, PP, and RP. Shopify automatically does this when it generates those legal statments. What did you do? What should I do?

  37. Day 7 up yet. Dont let the idiots that copy the same exact niche you do stop you from making videos I hope! It must be annoying as hell. Your putting out valuble content and they copy the same exact thing your selling. Morons.

  38. Is the klaviyo app not enough for your sopify store? Because the klaviyo app also send the customer an email if they have an abandont cart, So will the customer get double emails, if i install the klaviyo app and the abandonment protector plus app??
    If i use both of them at the same time

  39. You sound like john snow

  40. Jahongir Bahtiyorov

    How do i add shipping method? Please i really need the answer

  41. Wow! Pure Value! Thanks Rory. Excellent Action by Action follow-along-series!! Shopify should feature your fluff-free series on their website as the go-to training for beginners!


  43. Got another question……
    Is there a way to add a "Related Products" or "People also Purchased" section on the product page under the product or maybe on the checkout page????
    Thanks again for all your valuable videos…..

  44. I feel conned as the day 7 has not been upload yet????

  45. Excellent! Very satisfied with this step by step instruction. Keep up the great work!

  46. Thank-you. You just saved me from investing in buying a starter course. I'd like to get this free course of yours happening and then investing in an advanced course to go from $1,000 to lots more, of course! Is the $1,000 per day, per week or per month?Thanks. Are you Oirish or Scottish? 'Be lovin' your all too cute accent, by the way!

  47. Thanks for your kindness in sharing your knowledge and experience!

  48. You're awesome Rory!

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