Best Shopify Apps: My 10 Favorite Apps Free & Paid

Best Shopify Apps: My 10 Favorite Apps Free & Paid

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If you use Shopify, you need to know about these apps. They’ll save you and your customers TIME and MONEY.


  1. Great video! Do you have a recommendation for multi-vendor add-ons? Not necessarily for Shopify, but in general?

  2. Thanks for the great video! I cant wait to try out some of those apps; Ive never even heard of some of them

  3. Michael Fresh Belief

    Cheer Trevor, taking a few for my store now

  4. do not use yotpo
    terrible app just use the review app made by shopify

  5. Thanks for this helpful video!

  6. hi there im new to shopify and i would like you to know about your url is not working.. anyway i just want to implement all this apps for my store thanks and hope for the best..

    Philippine Entreprenuer 😉

  7. Trevor, if you and your viewers want some useful free Shopify apps, I recommend having a look at which has 35 free apps that are proven to aid your business without killing your store. Hope this helps!

  8. Great video Trevor. You mention the importance of retargeting apps with e-mail marketing campaigns. Have you heard about website push notifications? I don't see much about online and I think it is a very effective way to retarget audiences. The application I use is Aimtell I would recommend checking it out! Do you think it could be more effective than e-mail marketing campaigns?

  9. PLEASE write the name of the apps, for non-English speakers – it's kind of hard to understand their names. Thanks!

  10. Hello there , forgive my ignorant but can you write the name of the apps ? thank you.

  11. Young Entrepreneur

    how much you need to start shopify business ?

  12. Very good just started looking at this whole Shopify Drop shipping thing and i think it has some potential : )
    Like most things what a learning curve arh !
    Cheers Dude

  13. Great content.. thanks for sharing Trevor!

  14. Hey Trevor, you have included a good variety of Shopify apps ..i personally found your list very informative and helpful.
    Keep it up mate..Cheers 🙂

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