$0 to $70,000 in 50 Days – Shopify Case Study! How to Start a Shopify Drop Shipping Store in 2017

$0 to $70,000 in 50 Days – Shopify Case Study! How to Start a Shopify Drop Shipping Store in 2017

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Learn how I started a brand New store in January 2017 and have already scaled it to almost $70,000 in sales.
I actually go into detail and show you my exact profits instead of just some random screenshot. Its the money you take home in your pocket at the end of the month that matters, right?

if you want to learn more and start your own 6 Figure Ecommerce store today

How to start a 6 Figure Dropshipping Business
Start a dropshipping Business Today
$0 to $1000 per Day with shopify
Ecommerce tutorial
Shopify Dropshipping turorial
Learn how to make money with shopify


  1. elliot homewood

    do you ship to just the UK or the US as well?

  2. good

  3. Where's the case study? This is an ad.

  4. Hi do you have an one on one coaching program? Thanks

  5. I want to sign up for the course but My account only lets me spend $300/day. If I sign up for the 3 month payment plan I have to pay an extra $197. I can pay it in 3 days. Is there something we can work out?

  6. Elijah X. Media

    should you automatically capture payment for orders or manually?

  7. james your videos are rocks thanks for the info im just starting my first store is this https://roopstore.myshopify.com i love to have your opinions

  8. Do you teach in depth about facebook targeting??

  9. Can I please get you email I would just like a few tips I don't have to money to pay for the course as soon as my website has made the money I will pay for the course but at this stage im only 17 and still in school and I can only work on weekends and I only earn 10 Rand a hour which is only 0.79 in dollars so it will take me more than a 1000 hours and I can only work a total of 16 hours a weekend…

  10. Any payment option?

  11. Why are the net profits so low?

  12. Great video James, thanks. If I try out different products from different niches using the same pixel – will it confuse the pixel or give me mixed up data? Thanks for the great info.

  13. Crumelsworld !!!

    I got my shopify for 3 months now and I have 25 sales and 30 abandoned carts. i have average of 50 visitors a day .People say it's a beautiful eShop and nothing is wrong so why I'm not making money? http://www.crumelsworld.com

  14. Love the tips!

  15. I purchased the course but I'm ain added in the private FB group yet. add me! MARK FRANCISCO – mark_g_francisco@yahoo.com

  16. thierry de belder

    Nice, but how much was Your adspend?

  17. Man any concession will be appreciated 🙏
    I just can't wait another month to join the course .

  18. Alas !
    I've been saving up for the course for a long now , was about to buy it this Sunday .

  19. XGamingGeneralX

    hey awesome results! i was wondering if your audience was the UK since your currency is in pounds ?
    would you recommend starting with the US or the UK?

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