$0 – $10,000 With Shopify – Case Study Day 1

$0 – $10,000 With Shopify – Case Study Day 1

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Lets go on one of the best journeys together! From $0 to $10k in a brand new Shopify niche? Can I do it?

About the project: I’ve decided since I’ve had a great amount of Shopify I wanted to venture out of my ‘comfort zone’ and travel into another niche. Trying to break $10,000 profit in 30 days starting from scratch.

I want to document and help as many people as I possibly can. Time is money and I gain nothing from you watching this. So if you can please share this with your friends and other struggling eCommerce store owners that would be worth the time of me making this video.

Essentially I am here to help those that thought this was never possible. Its time to dominate…

Take 100 little steps and it will add up to 10 big leaps.


  1. should I upgrade my paypal to business from personal premier? I don't have a bank account right now. I'm starting my first shopify store and I'm following your video where you start a new account vlog.

  2. I am from india can i drop ship products in india through shopify ? and can i sell products in my Indian currency ?

  3. Couldn't listen to your voice because I was too focused on watching your hands. I prolly won't succeed… ?

  4. Where are the other parts?

  5. hi Dan. I've been running my shopify store for a while but nobody buys from it so can you kindly have a look and see where I've gone wrong thanks

  6. how do I contact you. How do I get a mentor. I just started like 2 days ago.

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  8. Why do our American cousins have to pronounce "ENGLISH" words so differently?? Niche (Neesh), what the hell (Nitch)!! Sounds like you need to scratch your ear or something!! Interesting video by the way!


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  10. Hey Dan, Got a question i could use some help, its on shopify page setup, Having probs getting header banner up. if u can help or answer questions plz let me know and ill explain more, thanks man

  11. Do you recommend a blog, youtube, Facebook page for content first before making a shopify?

  12. what about the legal stuff like registering the company? or are you registered as a person( i don't remmeber the name in english)etc
    awesome videos!

  13. Really good that you give actual insights

  14. I played around for hours and hours before I came across your utube channel and one click and I was hooked!!!!! I cant Get over how comprehensive your seminar is and how many cool tricks I'm learning!!!!! THANK YOU DAN!!!!!

  15. too how come these stores don't exist now

  16. Awesome Video Dan! Thanks so much 😀

  17. It's illegal not to disclose your company ties

  18. Great idea, to live case study your vids!

  19. I am trying to start my business I have a supplier for my product but I want to start an online store how could I do my shopping ? Would I have to ship each product myself or does shopify have a way to do that for you ?

  20. @3.25 RIP Ears

  21. what about t-shirts? i want to sell t-shirts on my store but i dont want the physical inventory

  22. Has shopify changed much since this because I'm getting IEN# as an optional choice, and why do I need to establish an actual business like with a license if my business is solely online. In terms of dealing with shippers I can see why, but is that our only option?

  23. $0 – $10,000 With Shopify – Case Study Day 1 or 1st step to lunch a free shopify store…This video is just for the views

  24. "with that being said…"

  25. que bellooooooo

  26. Hey if you already set up your store and you made an error where it say's "we typically ship products in"…. how do you edit that to change the numbers?

  27. For future reference you should zoom in the screen cause the writing is so small

  28. honestly this video made me want to cry I was so excited to see somebody who was and is so transparent in their learning and sharing knowledge with other people I am so used to the tutorials that show the step by step but there is always a lot lacking that goes on behind the scenes in order to make somebody look like more of an expert there are always things that you learn as you do a project and I think it is so amazing that you are showing the full process thank you

  29. Would you say Shopify is better than WordPress? It's sounds a bit like Apple and Android, everyone is picking sides and not saying it as it is. Why is it not better?

  30. Finally!!! I freakin step by step!

  31. Are you wearing makeup?

  32. btw when you 1st log into shopify there is nowhere where it tells you to set up your store, ive been looking for the past 10 mins and i cant find the themes anywhere either so i have to watch another youtuber to see this part of the set up process thanks a bunch for the step by step help…………

  33. you only have day 1, where's the rest of the case study? -.-

  34. Cool video Dan. Thanks for the honesty and transparency.

  35. Hey mate, I have a fundamental question to ask. Can I build a Shopify or an e-commerce store without owning a company? I come from Greece and in my country is difficult to create a company and the taxes are huge.

  36. Whoops you publicly showed your address

  37. I was going to join, but then I got put off by that gay tattoo

  38. Hi Dan where can i see the second video?

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    rs183@yahoo.comrs183@yahoo.comrs183@ yahoo. comthx God bless you

  40. Reply plz Mr Dan Dasilva,I am really want to do but don't understand at all plz help me I can provide u my personal email & ph number plz help mers183@ yahoo. comthx God bless you

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